black and white alternating bullseye circle pendant with pink heart in center, hanging on a pearl and gold chain necklace with arrow clasp in front
zoomed out view of the bullseye heart necklace on a white background
red head model wearing both the bullseye necklace and earrings on a grey background

Bullseye Heart Pearl Necklace

Bullseye Heart Pearl Necklace

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Juicy rubellite tourmaline heart marks the spot in this Bullseye pearl necklace featuring  onyx and mother of pearl inlay with a front arrow toggle clasp.

With my Bullseye collection, I wanted to combine the playfulness of Cupid taking aim with the classic archery target. My hope is that the inlay not only adds a striking graphic, but it also pulls the eye to the center where a heart marks the spot. May all your arrows hit their mark.

In stock and ready to ship.

14K yellow gold
Onyx and mother of pearl
Rubellite tourmaline
Freshwater pearls

17" white pearl strand (pearls are 6.5mm) with 14K yellow gold balls in between with a front arrow toggle clasp.

Pendant measures 2.85cm wide x 3cm tall.

In stock and ready to ship.

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