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Black puffy heart pendant on a strand of round black beads. The arrow has white diamonds set in the front with a pink droplet dangling from its tip
Close up on a neck of a strand of black beads with a black puffy heart and yellow gold arrow pendant with a pink stone droplet dangling from its tip

Black Heart Necklace

Black on black is always a yes in my book, especially when it comes to hearts. This plump hand-carved onyx heart has a 14K yellow gold arrow piercing its center. This arrow, adorned with pavé-set diamonds and rubies, has a single droplet of ruby blood dripping from its tip. The pendant hangs strikingly from a strand of black tourmaline beads

Materials: 14K yellow gold
                  8mm tourmaline beads
                  Onyx heart
                  Lab-grown ruby droplet
                  Rubies (set around the bail)

Heart measures 2.1cm wide, total length of pendant is 5.6cm

17" bead necklace with an option to clasp at 16" with an arrow toggle clasp

Made to order, ships within 2 weeks